Things to Do in Beverly Hills, California

What You Need To Know For Your Visit To Beverly Hills, California

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If you are on a vacation then Beverly Hills could be an ideal destination. Beverly Hills, California, is an icon of luxury, fame and wealth as you can experience everything here. While Hollywood stars make Beverly Hills, CA their home, shop at Rodeo Drive as it would be no surprise if you catch a celebrity walking beside you, as they also eat at the fabulous restaurants and relax at the spas, the rest of the world enjoys visiting this mesmerizing city and its world-famous attractions. This visit is going to be the one where you are going to talk about.

Taking a tour of the star’s homes is one of the most popular activities, as is a visit to the historic Greystone Mansion or the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. Here are the best things to do in Beverly Hills, California. There are many other attractions which makes this place special.

Rodeo Drive

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When you hear the name Beverly Hills, it is most common that the words shopping and Rodeo Drive immediately spring to mind. Rodeo Drive is a two-mile long street replete with luxury, fashion, and entertainment, and one of the top Beverly Hills attractions. This is the place where you should not be surprised if you see a Hollywood Celebrity walking beside you.

There are many attractions to see famous landmarks such as the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, the statue “Torso,” and the House of Bijan. Here you will find stores dedicated to Dior, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., and many others. You would need a complete day to cover this street walking as you can only enjoy this location on foot.

This place is not only famous for shopping. Even if shopping is not your thing, the history of this area and its presence in pop culture has made it one of the most visited streets in the world. As you can experience concerts or any other event here. In the immortal words of Vivian Ward, it would be a “big mistake” to miss a chance to shop on Rodeo Drive as this is one of the famous things to do in Beverly Hills.

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Best Places To Visit In Sherman Oaks

First Stop In Sherman Oaks Is Westfield Fashion Square Mall

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You can do many things when you are touring LA or if you are on a family trip which could be a kind of vacation. If you are in the mood to shop, Westfield Fashion Square Mall is your place as this place has many things for your entire family. There are many great stores within this mall from Bloomingdales to Macy’s to Forever21 to Aldo As you could have heard that there are top brands on display & a place to have fun. There is also a food court with a wide range of food choices, which will satisfy any taste bud as you could rest assured that you can find many different styles of cuisine at this mall. This mall is a great place to visit to satisfy any shopping need for your entire family.


Things To Do On Tue In Sherman Oaks Is To Visit Farmers Market

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If you are in town & if it is on a Tuesday, On Tuesdays in the parking lot of the Fashion Square mall from 3 PM-7 PM you would want to visit it to enjoy the Farmers Market, you can visit the Farmers’ Market with vendors from nearby places who display some fresh items. You will find these purveyors selling local produce, fresh eggs, meats, desserts, etc & mostly you could find organic items as it is a Farmers Market.  This is great if you enjoy buying local and straight from the farms. You can’t go wrong with a farmers’ market, so come hungry and eat fresh. If you are tired of everything from your day to day life being processed then you would not want to miss to visit this place on your visit to LA.

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